When I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s the drunkards who were mostly adults, were ashamed to be seen in public with what made them drunk.

Fast forward to 2019, both the young and old are flaunting their drunkenness around, it is almost normal to waste one’s life away in public.

The most sad thing is, there is more liquor in our townships than libraries, schools, churches and empowerment centres, yet we think we can take back our land and economy in our drunken state!

As the year ends, critical decisions must be made for the new season ahead, guess what? The enemy throws liquor into our space at this critical time to influence our future, so that many lives will end the current year drunk and start the new year in the same way, no wonder confusion and poverty is our portion.

Hayi maan MaAfrika there’s gotta be a better way, we can’t go on this way!