Northern, Botswana & Zimbabwe G.T.


This is the historical background of the Northern, Botswana and Zimbabwe Grand Temple (NBZ).  This Grand Temple is one of the Twenty Five Grand Temples which are affiliated to the Independent Order of True Templers with the mother body called The Right Worthy Temple.

NBZ as it is commonly known was formed in 1995. Its formation emanated from the internal leadership struggle within the Northern Grand Temple.  Due to this internal leadership challenge within the Northern Grand Temple, some members decided to break away, they mobilized other members who were also disgruntled.  Having succeeded to organise a number of such disgruntled members from almost every jurisdiction of the Northern Grand Temple.,  Brothers S.M. Kolisang, S.P. Mohajane and Sis. N. Maroo travelled across the country consulting other I.O.T.T members. 

After a period of time, they decided to identify a team they thought would be leaders once the formation was approved.  With consultation and request for permission from the Right Worthy Templar Bro. Rev. Ngwenya, who approved the idea of the formation of a new Grand Temple the Temple was finally formed.  The reason to approve the formation of a Grand Temple was partly meant to quell the negative spirit that was prevailing and to avoid any eventuality.

The three initiators consulted broadly with the – brothers and sisters they felt would be capable of forming the Grand Temple Executive. Having managed to identify such people and presenting such a list of Grand Executive to the Right Worthy Templar, he then convened a Special Grand Temple Session for all the members who were serving under the Northern Grand Temple before.

The Special Grand Session meeting was held in 1995… in Mafikeng at the Mmabatho Civic Centre.  All members belonging to the Northern Grand Temple Sub- Temples were invited.  The meeting was chaired by the Right Worthy Templar.  On that particular Saturday, participants came in buses, combis and cars, which flocked to the Mmabatho Civic Centre and was packed to full capacity.  It was a very tense and electrifying Special Session.  However, at the end of the day, the presiding Right Worthy Templar was able to achieve the objective of forming a new Grand Temple called Northern, Botswana and Zimbabwe, a name originally used before the change to Northern Grand Temple.  However, Northern, Botswana and Zimbabwe Grand Temple was in the possession (controlled by) Northern Grand Temple.

The Right Worthy Templar closed the meeting with the understanding that the Charter will be handed over to the newly formed Grand Temple, The Northern, Botswana and Zimbabwe Grand Temple. Before closure, the Right Worthy Templar who was very democratic in approach requested that the Grand True Templar of the newly formed Grand Temple should stand one side and thereafter requested all those who are prepared to join him in the formation of the new Grand Temple to move towards him. The result was a large number of people followed him.  The members from Botswana were divided into two; some remained with the Northern Grand Temple and others mostly those residing in Gaborone crossed over to the newly formed Grand House.

The nominated members who formed the first Grand True Executive were drafted and accepted by the Temple Initiators

G.T.T Bro Rev Danial B Katane
P.G.T.T Bro S.M Kolisang
G.T.S Bro T.J Gaduka
G.T.Co Bro Bishop L. Mc Camel
G.T.Tr Bro I.M Makhale
G.T.S.J.W Sr E Morubane
G.T.S.Y.W Bro J.B.V. Ntlemeza
G.T.V.T Bro Rev D Ngqumeya
G.T.Chap Bro Rev N.M. Ramafikeng
G.T.V.S Sr N.E. Maroo
G.T.M Bro S.P. Mohajane
G.T.A.S Sr T Dingake
G.T.A.S.J.W Sr E Seleka
G.T.A.S.Y.W Bro S.D. Lupuwana
G.T.A.Tr Bro F.M Likhekhe
G.T.A.M Sr K Nthongoa
G.T.O.G Sr V.M. Tlhakanye
G.T.I.G Bro J.J. Moffat
G.T.Mess Bro I Sediane
G.T.Rec.Sec Bro J Mpshane

 Highlights of Special Events

  1. A memorable 10th anniversary was held at Mogwase in 2004. They were visited by the late Past Right Worthy Templar Bro. Rev Wesley Jack Beam.
  2. During the Grand Session, the host identify the needy families, clothes and groceries are donated to those families.
  3. On the 30th of June 2007, the NBZ organized an Awareness Campaign in Mafikeng in partnership with the Office of the Premier (Youth Commission and Moral Regeneration Directorates), SANGOCO led by Bro Rev Pelele of Mafikeng Ministers Fraternity, Radio Motsweding which gave them the honour by broadcasting the event.
  4. In 2008, NBZ was invited by SANGOCO, COSATU, SAMIFRA and various churches in planning a “Peaceful March” to fight against xenophobic attack. The Youth participated in that March.

In 2018, NBZ Grand Temple gave birth to Botswana Grand Temple

The current Grand True Executive elected in 2019 is as follows


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