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  1. Senior Band of Hope Membership.—Any child over twelve years of age, or, where there is no Junior Band, over five years of age, and any adult person willing to take the Senior Band of Hope pledge may be initiated at any meeting of the Senior Band, provided that, where possible, all children must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians before they can be received.

2. Junior Band of Hope membership.—Any child over five years of age, and any adult willing to take a Pledge of a Probationer, may be admitted as such at any meeting of the Band.



Making active decisions is especially important for young people, and it will make it much easier to say no to tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

The Leaders have to involve as many people as they can in the discussions. It is okay to share opinion with participants, but not until Leader have heard what the participants say.

It is important that the group feel relaxed and comfortable before they start with the actual values clarification exercises. A good way to start the activities is to do some games, especially games that will help the participants to get to know each other better.


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