Membership shall be open to all youth from the age of 14 years upwards. No age limit on Youth Work membership.Each member shall be eligible only if she/he is a member of either sub-temple or youth temple.

The main aim of IOTT Youth is to promote peace and tolerance in the world. The IOTT Youth consider alcohol and other drugs one of the main reason of violence and conflict among people and therefore members of IOTT Youth promote drug-free lifestyle. They have a special program targeting youth organizing conferences, rallies, workshops and camps on a regular basis. IOTT Youth also participates in a multitude of youth networks and their activities and they are members of IOTT.

IOTT Youth recognizes that alcohol and other drug constitute a serious threat to the dignity and freedom of people and their societies. As part of the solution to alcohol and drug problems, Members of IOTT Youth choose to lead a life free such substances.

IOTT Youth together with the main IOTT body develops comprehensive programs that includes prevention, reduction of substance use, education, communication, training, public awareness, research, and the rehabilitation of users and those they affect.


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