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Deals with the public relations matters concerning the Order in the Media, and in Schools, presided by the Right Worthy Strategy and Communications Secretary (RWSCS)

This department is a new department, which was introduced by the Late Right Worthy Templar Bro Rev MM Nxumalo, in 2007. Since its inception, it has lots of challenges in terms of identification, duties and responsibilities as it is not in the IOTT Constitution as yet.

This department is the nerve centre of the Order; it should at as a “think-tonk”, the brain and the mirror of the Order.


  • Currently the StratComm Department works under the following guidelines as provided by the Right Worthy Temple:
  1. Communicate disseminate information to all structures of the Order regarding our IOTT work.
  2. Arrange seminars on strategic issues on fundamental focus areas of the Order
  3. Liaise with relevant NGO’s operating within the area of habit, forming/ dependence enslaving substances.
  4. Engage in and promote research on the effects and ravages of drugs and alcohol in conjunction with the Vigilance Department.
  5. Promote publicity about the Order.
  6. Develop a website.
  7. Produce promotional, strategy and informational material for use by relevant departments.
  8. Develop effective communication links with media (both electronic and press)
  9. Liaise with International bodies, thereby opening and developing relationships which could lead to funding relationships
  10. Plan the implementation of Communication of all polices and strategies developed at seminars, sessions and other strategic study groups
  11. Act as spokesperson of the Grand House on all strategic and publicity issues
  12. Promote inter-committee and inter-departmental co-operation in the Grand House Office and the entire structure of the Temple.
  13. Develop a database of all the members of the Order


Focus Areas

  • Educate Templars about the Order: Mission, vision, values, constitution, objectives and policies.
  • A workshop about Strategic issues, plans and implementation of policies.
  • Market IOTT to the communities and radio stations.
  • Encourage Templars to be involved in community structures where they will be able to open doors of partnership in matters of social ills, justice, drugs and alcohol abuse forums.
  • Encourage Templars to be visible in community activities that have the same vision as of the Order.
  • Organise Seminars that will include stakeholders like SAPS, SANCA, AA, and neighborhood watch.
  • Door to door campaigns
  • Develop and distribute pamphlets about the effects of drugs.
  • Complete the collection of database.

One comment

  1. Brothers and Sister in the Strategy and Communications Department, we need your input regarding in your Grand Temples, inclusive of your annual reports so as to add them in our iott.SA website as a collective.
    We also need your activities for our IOTT News letter.

    Kind regards.

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