Transvaal & Eswatini Borders G.T.

It will be recalled that the jurisdiction of the NORTHERN GRAND TEMPLE that was established on the 25th of September 1904, covered an extensive area covering the Orange Free State, Transvaal, Swaziland, Natal, Griqualand West and Bechuanaland. In 1921, the statistics showed that the Northern Grand Temple had 212 Sub-ordinate Temples with a membership of 11 000. These figures were a part of the motivation that a peaceful division of this massive Grand Temple was a dire need. There were no adequate accommodations in many parts of the jurisdictions to take Grand Sessions and other large meetings of the Order. An application to the Right Worthy Temple was made requesting a formal division of the Northern Grand Temple.

In the Klersksdorp Grand Session of the Northern Grand Temple held on the 13th of January 1942, the division was effected by the Deputy Right Worthy Templar, Bro Rev J.B. Mabona. He was further commissioned to open and dedicate the new Grand Temple named the TRANSVAAL BORDERS GRAND TEMPLE. The date of that blessing occasion was December 30th of 1943 at Dukathole Township in Germiston.  The area of Jurisdiction covered in the Transvaal, the whole of the East Rand, Highveld, South Eastern Transvaal, Northern Part of the Transvaal, Swaziland and Natal.

The first Grand Officers installed were as follows

  1. G.T.T                     Bro J.A. Masitha
  2. D.R.W.T                Bro J.A. Masitha
  3. G.T.C                     Bro Rev H.J. Lwana
  4. G.T.S                     Bro Nkwayi
  5. G.T.V.T                 Bro J.P.D. Ndimande
  6. G.T.S.J.W             Sr Hlabangane
  7. G.T.Treas             Bro Rev S.M. Mdebuka
  8. G.T.V.S                 Bro E.S. Matyeka
  9. G.T.M                   Bro Manitshana
  10. G.T.Mess             Bro Z.E. Rorwana
  11. G.T.A.Sec            Bro John C. Lwana

107 Sub-Temples constituted this new Grand Temple with a membership of 7438 accompanied by 68 Bands of Hope with a membership of 8799

The first Grand Session and the First Grand True Executive Officers made a remarkable impression in the minds and hearts of those who were present in that event.

The 1945 Payneville, Springs Grand Session was overshadowed by sadness. The G.T.T. had passed away during the course of the year. The Grand True Counsellor, Father Rev H.J. Lwana presided by order of the R.W.T. and as per the I.O.T.T. Constitution. The Grand Session, during the election procedures, elected him as the second Grand True Templar of the Transvaal Borders Grand Temple. He was found to be equal to the task and showed excellent signs of healthy and comforting leadership.

The Durban Grand Session, in 1951 was hit by another blow as the second G.T.Sec of the Transvaal Borders Grand Temple, Bro J.C. Lwana, had passed away as a result of a car and a train collision at a Nigel rail crossing in May of that Year.

Boksburg, in 1955, set the mind of the Templars to think seriously of the impending results of growth. It was here, in the Boksburg Grand Session, that the idea of Natal separating from the Transvaal Borders Grand Temple was first mooted.

It is noted that TRANSVAAL BORDERS GRAND TEMPLE included NATAL as well as SWAZILAND held a Special Grand Session that was held in Edendale near Pietermaritzburg, in July 1956. The main purpose was to pursue the resolution on NATAL becoming her own Grand Temple. Agreement was reached and proposals were made. The December 1956 Grand Session held in Nelspuit approved and the division was to be completed in December 1957 at Sobantu Village in Pietermaritzburg.

THE NATAL BORDERS GRAND TEMPLE was born. The Right Worthy True Templar, Sister Amy M Searle graced the occasion with dignity full of love. This marked the 15th Annual Grand Session of the Transvaal Borders Grand Session. The Natal Borders Grand Temple JURISDICTION covered what is known today as KWA-ZULU NATAL. That was 1957 December.

SWAZILAND was called upon to host for the 1st time an Annual Grand Session of the 1964, at Swazi National High School in December 29 to January 1 of 1965. It is in this Grand Session that a Special Unopposed Resolution was unanimously adopted to change the name of the Grand Temple from TRANSVAAL BORDERS GRAND TEMPLE to be renamed the TRANSVAAL AND SWAZILAND BORDERS GRAND TEMPLE with immediate effect. The Right Worthy True Temple Executive gave their blessings to this important move.


“Our deep aspiration is for a healthy Order of True Templars that will promote healthy community”

Mission Statement

“Despite our diverse interdenominational affiliations, we strive for purity of body, mind and spirit of all our communities.

We, the INDEPENDENT ORDER OF TRUE TEMPLARS of the TRANSVAAL AND SWAZILAND BORDERS GRAND TEMPLE, do wish to align ourselves with other organisations that fight against substance abuse, women/children/men abuse, corruption, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence and all other related social ills.

The 76th Annual Grand Session seated in Marianhill in Durban from 18th to 22nd of December 2019 elected the following to form part of the Grand True Executive Committee:

  1. GTT (elect)                  – Sr Dr M Pilane
  2. GTC                             – Bro N Mokone
  3. PGTT                            – Bro Rev TS Tshabangu
  4. PGTT                            – Bro Rev NS Lukhele
  5. GTVT                           – Bro SH Thobela
  6. GTChap                       – Bro Rev TN Lukhele
  7. GTS                              – Sr ZI Makushe-Mhlongo
  8. GTSJW                         – Sr Z Pelesane
  9. GTSYW                        – Sr NZ Nala
  10. GTVS                            – Sr EN Ngomane
  11. GTSCS                          – Bro SB Makhubo
  12. GTTreas                       – Sr T Zondo
  13. GTM                            – Sr G Vilakazi
  14. GTMess                       – Bro M Mkhonta
  15. GTRS                            – Sr P Nkosi
  16. GTIG                            – Sr R Philiso
  17. GTOG                          – Bro J Lukhele

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